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Litho-Presstek 52DI Press

Full glowing colour plus green

The new waterless printing 52DI offers superb print quality, incredible versatility and it’s better for the environment

A 510 x 350mm print area suits a wide range of marketable opportunities beyond typical page sizes, offering increased production economy and choice. Accommodating sheet thicknesses between 90 to 465gsm, the Presstek 52DI has the versatility of a regular offset machine, with consistently high levels of quality across a broad range of stocks, including non-paper materials. Combined with special inks, post-print sealing and faster make ready times, this provides an exciting new edge to our services.

Presstek 52DI

Print area – 510mm x 350mm
Stock – 90gsm – 465gsm
Ideal for – Letterheads, Complimentary Slips, Leaflets, Stationery, Brochures, Unlimited colour range

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