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UV Printer & Digital Cutter / Router

Océ Arizona & Zünd G3

Prints onto almost anything you can think of…

Having the Océ Arizona and the Zünd working hand in hand we are able to produce some of the finest work and ideas that marketing and designers can let loose. With the Oce Arizona we are able to print to virually any substrate, also able to print using white ink it enhances its print quality when it comes to materials such as wood, acrylic and cardboard to name a few. We continue to test its capabilities and have not been let down yet.

The Zünd is leading the market when it comes to digital cutting and routing, able to work with a wide range of flexible and rigid materials.

Let your marketing and design departments take their imagination to the next level when thinking of just some of the possibilities how the Zund will benefit them.

Print is about technology, and we’ve invested in latest generation innovation to provide powerful print results.

So far we’ve printed onto – Rubber, Wood, Glass, Acrylic, Cardboard, Foamex, Plastic, Ceramic Tiles, Leather and Carbon Fibre. Don’t you think it’s about time for you to challenge us?
Ideal for – Packaging, Signage, Exhibition Print, Point of Sale, Banners

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